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The Pierce County School System plans for every student and adult to have a safe and healthy environment at school and on the bus.  A system wide safety team comprised of administrators from every school and facility including the transportation and maintenance departments are part of that plan.



Pierce County Schools' Safety Team

•·       This team meets monthly for training and evaluating safety and health needs of our school population. 

•·       This team coordinates the development and use of the state approved system and school crisis plans. 

•·       Once a year the team holds a system wide crisis table top drill which includes county and city emergency personnel and individual school safety teams.  This annual training helps identify and prepare for various possible emergency situations on school property. 

•·        System and school safety team members attend safety training workshops preparing them to train the adults at each school in student safety and employee safety.

•·       Each school meets or exceeds state requirements for tornado and fire drills

•·       Every school maintains emergency exit route plans and trains employees and students on the use of these plans

•·       Bus Drivers attend monthly safety training.

•·       School nutrition employees attend annual food safety and job safety training.

•·       Schools complete a facilities check list annually to determine safety needs.



Emergency Calling System

Pierce County School's automated emergency phone calling system was installed during the spring of 2007 during the "Okefenokee monster fire".

  Administrators were able to send a message by phone to every student and every employee's household within minutes concerning school closures.


The Pierce County Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national
origin, sex, age, religion or disabling condition in educational programs, activities or employment.